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Star Light’s Latest News!

Exotic Dancer, M.B.A.

Star Light is celebrating the first of our new pilot program, Exotic Dancer, M.B.A. We had our one day seminar for women who are exotic dancers on April 28, 2008, in Richmond, Virginia. It was an incredible day! We had a class on self-care, one on financial management, another on sales, and an incredible art project. Be sure to check out the Exotic Dancer, M.B.A. website for our future Exotic Dancer, M.B.A. seminars!

In the News
The new Village Voice blog, Naked City, written by Audacia Ray featured Star Light in April. Check it out here.

The New York Times’ Freakonomics Blog featured Star Light. Check it out here. Freakonomics is one of Lia Scholl’s favorite blogs, and one of her all-time favorite books. Lia is doing a happy dance!

Lia Scholl was interviewed by Michel Martin on Tell Me More, which aired on NPR. To listen, click here.

Who We Are

Star Light shares unconditional love and friendship with women who are exotic dancers so they will not forget they are also loved and valued by God. We help them build supportive communities and find resources for successful living.

The Need

Most exotic dancers are young women who come from varied socio-economic backgrounds. Their education levels vary — some have not graduated from high school, others have post-graduate degrees. Most of the women do not expect to be working at the clubs for the rest of their lives, but they have no idea what they will do when they leave the club.

These women face many challenges. Many times their support systems of family and church have abandoned them because of the work they are doing. Star Light believes that these women need support and love, like all women. Star Light walks alongside these women.

Why We Do It

We value women and refuse to judge them based on what they do to earn a living. Our work with dancers is compelled by our belief that all people are loved and accepted unconditionally by God.

How You Can Help

Donate! Your gift will help Star Light reach every exotic dancer with friendship, community and resources. Make your tax deductible gift to Star Light Ministries, Inc. Send it to 6412 Brandon Avenue, Number 310, Springfield, Virginia 22150 or Click & Pledge Securely

Volunteer! Star Light Ministries, Inc. needs committed teams to reach out to the women who are exotic dancers in local gentleman’s clubs. For more information, call Lia Scholl at 703.966.1102.

Pray! Pray daily for the women who dance, for the people who work with them, for the women preparing to minister in the clubs, and for the customers and clientele of the clubs.

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